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Dust-Free Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Wood Floor You will be amazed at the results of our state-of-the-art process! Over time, dust and grime accumulates on the surface and between the cracks of your hardwood floors, making them appear dark and dull. Advanced Floor Care’s system professionally removes this buildup, revitalizing your floors to a clean, consistent sheen.

Benefits to Hardwood Floor Cleaning System:

  • Dust-Free
  • Completed in a Matter of Hours
  • Removes Build Up
  • Utilizes the Latest Technology
  • Three-Step Process to Clean, Rinse and Finish
  • Self-Contained Extraction System
Our multi-step process utilizes the latest technology in machinery and cleaning products. Once the area has been prepared, we use a three-step process to clean, rinse and finish your hardwood floor. Our machine’s rotary brush and self-contained extraction system removes dirt and grime without making a mess. The cleaning process is then repeated with a neutralizer to restore the pH of the wood, as well as remove any contaminates left on the floor. Finally, two applications of a satin or gloss coating brings out the shine and beauty of your floors.

Traditional hardwood floor cleaning methods can take up to two weeks to complete, and leave your home’s surfaces covered in a layer of dust. Advanced Floor Care’s process is completed in a matter of hours and is absolutely dust-free! After 24 hours, your furniture can be placed back on the floor. In only one day, your home will be back in order, with floors that have never looked better!

Restore the beauty in your hardwood flooring today!

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